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Sorry for the late journal entry. This is to inform newbies that I've moved to
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14-Bis asked me to relay this message.

He can't answer them because (surprise surprise) he's banned. He can read them, but he can't reply them.

That is all. Have a nice day.
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Hello peeps, I got in contact with Richard Gray, he's allowed me to post the chat transcript here so that you can have a heads up on the situation.

Richard:  thanks again for understanding, others have caused me real pain
me:  others?
Richard:  there have been others, with webpages or going around pretending to be me, they weren't as understanding
me:  yeah about that
i had time to give it some thought
I wasn't going around pretending to be you though :S
Richard:  I know ;)
these guys would go on game pages and such
me:  i made a journal post about what's going to happen, but not a lot of people actually know about the game designer levelord, and some of them are planting doubt into my decision to change my name :S
Richard:  it really needs to be done, especially on the big sites like deviant and blogspot
me:  would a simple solution be to plant my actual name below the Levelord tag so that they don't confuse me as Richard Gray?
Richard:  I'm a professional, with the name trademarked, and there could be big trouble for me when you use copyrighted material, AND do the sex/nudity thing
that won't do much good, do a Google search for the name, you'll see you come up as often as I do
me:  not arguing to keep my name, im just probing for options :)
Richard:  I understand
me:  hm
i could disable my blog to turn up on google search, that's one site solved
Richard:  if, sorry, when you become a truly famous artist, and getting paid, you won't want someone else's name, either
me:  turn off i mean
lol nah, art's just a hobby. Im not earning money at the moment.
Richard:  it would be liek me being an actor and calling myself John Wayne ;)
you should, you really are good, I'm from a family of artists
me:  well if i do get out earning money, i dont think i have a need for Levelord, professionally i'd just use my actual name :S
Richard:  that's my point, so right now it's not doing good, but doing bad for me
me:  can you tell me what's been going on? :O
im a bit of in a hard place at the moment. the moderators aren't being very helpful and my viewers aren't taking this lightly :S
Richard:  first, just using my name is not cool, MOST people can easily make the mistake of thinking we're the same people, I make games for children-adults, male-female, here in America, the wor you do is not good image
wor = work
me:  have they accused you of drawing? O_o
Richard:  I won't know, they will see "Levelord Games" on my game, do a search, then see you art
I trademarked (expensive) the name for this very reason
me:  but i thought people referred to you as 'The Levelord'
Richard:  I can fix the moderators, if I need to, they are both American companies and I can send my lawyer after them, but that is ugly
me:  oh god please do, they are always giving me a hard time
Richard:  dude, Levelord is a very unique name
me:  I can place a very large disclaimer that I'm not Richard Gray. I suppose that can clear any confusion.
i can turn the blogspot to be invisible to google searches
Richard:  that won't do much good
me:  hmmmm.. what else can i think of... :P
Richard:  you're doing contraversial work, and edgy, plus ave to enforce the trademark for such cases
ave = I have
me:  but we're not in the same field O_o
Richard:  it's close enough
again, I could be using your skills in my games, your art looks like story board art in my games
maybe it helps to pretend you're me and this is going on, it's not cool
me:  in that sense I only use my real name in the credits. I never use Levelord when I'm hired for anything. It's odd that anyone would use their internet aliases to work though :S
Richard:  you have a big presence online, as Levelord, most people will not know that you are not me
again, what if you had a career, trademarked your name, and then someone was doing this sort of thing
me:  not a lot of people are familiar with the name Levelord unless they are a big fan of Duke Nukem and such
Richard:  my company is called Levelord Games
me:  if my presence is big, I can make even bigger announcements that I'm not Richard Gray
Richard:  it's new company I'm just starting, my audience will be offended if they even see some of your stuff
me:  but they won't be confusing identities if i just add a large announcement on my front page. and it'll be a permanent one too, in large text
Richard:  many won't even get to your page, they will your work on Goggle, etc
please just change the nick ;(
me:  that's the thing, I cant change it, the mods dont want to work with me.
best i can do is simply abandon it and that's it, i wont update anything on it
i've tried everything with that site :(
Richard:  you said you coul start a new LemonLord and transfer people over to that, then aandon levelord
me:  yes
i already started a new name under LLToon
im just saying that the old Levelord site will still be there
i cant remove it on my own
thats why I've been trying to tell you if I can try any other thing since that's the case
Richard:  I will have to take care of that then, I have already read the sites' copyright and trademark infringement rules, they are American companies, too, so the law effects them
me:  i wish you luck on that :)
Richard:  I do want to give you time to get your audience moved over
is a few weeks cool?
me:  how many?
Richard:  how many do you want?
me:  3 weeks? O_o
if i feel comfortable about the move i'll let you know earlier
Richard: do what you can, I'll write the letters to the sites
your audience seems like a bunch of cool people, and I do see a few of them that thought you and I were the same person
me:  yes but only briefly.
i'll let you know if the change over takes longer or shorter
im going to transfer my really early and crappy drawings over too
they are actually source of inspiration for the other artists. after seeing the crappy ones i once did and what I can do now, they will feel that they can accomplish the same thing too
Richard:  don't forget levelordgallery blogspot, too, please
I really like the LLToon name
me:  i'll try  change the name there
if i can't i;ll disable it to be found by Google
Richard:  they are owned by Google, another American company
me:  yeah i know
there's an option in the blog to make it not show up on the google search results
Richard:  Google, as you type in "Levelor..." in the search box, your stuff fills the list ;)
the suggen list that pops up as you type
suggn = suggestion
there are many other search engines, does this cover all of them?  like MSN's, etc
me:  that's a little extreme. it's only one small site I have after my DA's gone
and almost nobody goes there
Richard:  dude, if ANYONE goes there, like right now, it's not just the raunchy sexy stuff, it's even worse that it is copyright material from CHILDREN'S cartoons
...and Disney, too, I'm suprised you haven't been shut down already ;)
me:  lol i havent
a Disney Director actually saw my art.. he was impressed by it... O_o
Richard:  ;)
me:  weirdest moment in my life
Richard:  seriously, though, imagine a person's child has played my game,then looks up "Levelord" online
there goes a customer ;(
there we go :D
allow me a few weeks to post on the original blog to divert traffic to the new identical one
Richard:  will do
let me know when you're done. check further with Deviant, too, explain the situation, I really don't want to spend money on a lawyer
me:  i'll send another query. but they keep telling me to go back to the FAQ which says that they cant do jackshit about the account
that's the annoying thing about this site.. and the mods themselves aren't particularly polite people either
Richard:  doesn't make sense, but let me know when you've done what you can and then I will go after them if I have to
aain, mention the trademark issue when you query them again, that is in their FAQ too
me:  it doesnt make sense to me either
they said their site doesnt support the coding necessary to delete an account
Richard:  that is not possible, I'm a coder
me:  you tell them, i have no idea how coding works :S
anyway, mind if i post some of this chat onto my DA journal so that people can have a heads up on the situation?
Richard:  sure, thanks for asking ;)
me:  thanks :)
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I recently got an e-mail from THE Levelord. The level designer I've been a fan of when I was an 11 year old kid.

The notoriety of my DA site as come to a point where I think it has clashed with the original Levelord and he's emailed me to change the name because of it. I certainly don't want him to be confused for an artist who draws really sexy images.

...dude, I'm not sure why you chose to use my nickname for your art work, but I'd like to ask you to change it.

I have had a trademark on the name for 11 years now, here in the USA.  I'm a professional game developer and need to worry about my image online and the use of my trademark here in the States.

You, btw, are a great artist.

~ Richard 'levelord' Gray

Here's the story on how I stumbled across this name :)
I've used that name ever since I first found it playing Duke Nukem back in '96. I thought the name was pretty badass and I've used it ever since, for all my game aliases when playing Counterstrike, Doom, Quake, Red Alert and more. Since I got onto the internet, the name naturally spilled over to using it for my e-mails, my contacts and even my payal.
It never occurred to me that he had a site of his own until about 2006, but until then nobody has confused me with him, even until this day. I can't say the same in reverse for Levelord, he probably would have got people asking him why he's been drawing fanart.

I'll be working to change the name of this page, or if not, open another one.

Plus he thinks my art is awesome, so hah! :D
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Happy Birthday to Mr. :iconsftoon: as he turns a year older!

When you become more cosmic with age, your art remains timeless! :D

Please drop by his page and give him your best wishes :)

Dangit, I'm old!

Tue Jan 20, 2009, 5:29 PM
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I officially turned 23 today. I haven't updated my DA age which is still set at 19, but I keep it there to remind me of when I picked up a pencil and decided to draw KP.

I've requested for some art from some really great artists, they might be done by February/March.

So yeah... that's about it really... :)

Happy Birthday to meee......


Sat Jan 3, 2009, 9:43 PM
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I have a new outlook for the new year, and with the blessings from a very good friend and others who have offered to guide me, I feel that I can now proceed with confidence into a new and strange area of my art that I have been wanting to explore.

It may help open up new insights for me into anatomy where often anatomical mistakes would be hidden under coarse clothing.

Before, I had always felt that my art was not ready for a transition. Be it the immature development of the proportions or the lack of technical skill, I think that I am now equipped with just enough to go forwards.

It's not something I had originally planned for my art to go, neither did I know if it's supposed to be a natural progression of my art. Rest assured, it's only a phase to explore this area, and not to remain permanently in it. If I do get trapped going down this slippery slope, I will need to quickly get out of it.

I have picked up a few extra basic skills recently before I reached this phase. Like sketching numerous quickies and selecting which best portrays my ideas before heading over to make a final version. I've made small basic uses of my tablet to modify my sketches accordingly. Most importantly I have learned to be more patient with my art and to seek out and listen carefully for advice given from my accomplices.

2009 will be a year of change, but Obama stole that line already.

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:icondarkdp:, thanks a lot, for getting me hooked on Code Geass and addicted to Kallen.

Your an ass ;)

Oh and Merry Xmas everyone.
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Some people don't believe that the pic I posted was proof of a trace. So because some of them lack the common sense to look properly at it, I had to make some animations with the help of EW.

His trace of Jab's




Come on, he even copied the hands and fingers and feet exactly. Changing the thickness of the thighs does not automatically make this pic original.


Do I even need to comment about the face?

I don't have any Danny Phantom model sheets and there's no screenshot of Maddie's face like that. How do I know that? It's because I drew her lips in my own unique style and the way her nose curves is also a style unique to me that isn't in the show. I had to start from scratch. So the only way he could have had drawn something so close line for line and even following the exact same style I draw the lips and left eyebrow and nose is if he traced the goddamn thing off mine.

Seriously the need to make an animation JUST to explain these things to some of these people just merits a facepalm.

The guy who made these traces contacted me though notes saying he didn't want trouble and removed the pics. Fair enough. He then offered to leave DA by which I told him no I'd prefer him to stay because he has potential with using Corel. He just needs to stop tracing so much of other people's work. Then I offered to help answer any questions he might have if he wanted to improve drawing on his own.

Then he goes around telling people that I somehow excused him from tracing and agreed with him that he didn't trace???



Your deviation Merry Christmas was reported for Mature Tag Needed. The report was reviewed by a member of the Staff and action was taken, marking the report as Resolved. Additionally, the following comment was provided:

A member of staff has reviewed this deviation and has determined that it requires a Mature Content tag. Tag is now in place.

Please click here for more information.

This message was generated automatically.

-- deviantART Staff

Wait, so here I am exposing an obvious tracer and all DA is worried about is if that proof pic is showing a little ass?

This site needs to set their priorities straight. Seriously, the mods are like epileptic monkeys trolling my page. Deal with the tracer, THEN come back and work out on my uploaded pic, not troll my page and then leave the tracer running around making prints of other people's work.

The direction of KP fandom

Sun Nov 23, 2008, 8:57 PM
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I've been having a busy month. In fact it's been so busy that I haven't really found the time to draw, plus with the advent of Wrath of the Lich King, I've made a Death Knight. Kicks ass, but not as much ass as my paladin. A special note of apology to Celsoryuji, thanks for your patience, but I'll have to delay the payment for a second figurine again for after Christmas :(

Anyway that's not what I'm on about today. It's about the state of the KP fandom. I've been reminiscing back 2 years ago where KP had still be airing and I've met some great people who drew really great KP art. Goofmore, Lionheartcartoon, 14-Bis, SFToon and others to name a few. Sadly those days have passed and most have left due to the intimidation and bullying of the fanbase.

I'll say it. The KP fandom consists of egocentric retards who somehow can't comprehend the world around them except for their own skewed and twisted views. It's becoming slowly more and more derogatory to be referred to as a KP fan because it would mean that I am in some way associated with these people.

Who are these people? They are the people who have difficulty separating what's real from fiction and have developed an unhealthy emotional attachment to the cartoon.
They are the people who insist that a certain pairing should not be done for the sake of 'canon'.
They are the freakishly weird people who constantly self-insert themselves into their drawings, but unlike Lionheartcartoon, they constantly roleplay as if they exist, unable to break out of character to engage in a normal conversation.
They are the people who think real life subjects apply to a fictional cartoon.

I have never seen a particular cartoon attract such a huge number of raging social outcasts, who have nothing better to do than to selfishly argue about how the fandom should be doing things their way instead of actively engaging in a way to make the KP fan genre more interesting. I've been getting a horrendous amount of reports against my KP art. Even benign ones like the LBD pics and the Hooters pics are not spared the reports. I have a fairly good idea who these people are, so I decided to sit back and see if they have anything better to contribute to the KP fanart scene. What do we see in the DA search for KP?

Traced art, shitty self insertion art, stolen art, recolors, more shitty tracing, flat out pornography, copy/paste and the list goes on. If I draw a picture of KP in a sexy LBD dress, it gets reported for deletion on grounds of child porn, in contrast to the many other of pics of her in the DA search getting beaten up, bloodied and killed does not get deleted on the same grounds for encouraging child abuse.

The trend I'm seeing is that these people are the ones who have joined the fanbase very late into the show's airing, which is around the 4th season, where I've noticed the increased amount of immaturity slowly infect the forums and community.

I usually refrain from voicing my 'opinion' about how certain people do their fan art, but I think it's only fair that I retort mine after these individuals have so adamantly forced theirs down my throat and reported on my pics as well:

#1. Tracing is not a show of how well you can draw. Trace if you want practice, but don't post your tracing up on DA like it's some sort of achievement. It's like a kid with Down's Syndrome showing that he can copy a sentence off a book. and.... now I've insulted Down's Syndrome kids. Great.

#2. Stop getting emotionally attached to fictional characters. It's unhealthy. Realize that fictional characters are idealized and caricatured versions of people in real life and that there will NEVER realistically be men/women with the same specific personality/body proportions. Ever.

#3. Your shitty self-insertions SUCK. I just can't put it lightly or in any other way. You self insertions just SUCK.
I can understand some self insertions for fun, but when you decide that all other pairing is unrealistic compared to yours, you're an idiot. Nothing is more retarded than saying "I don't support Kigo because it'll never happen, but hey lets do me/fictional character pairing instead".
Well I've got news for you: A you/fictional character pairing will be even LESS LIKELY. Retarded logic ftw.

That's my venting for the night.

KP community = Jackasses

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Whoever bought me a DA sub need to stop doing so. It's a nice gesture, but I don't intend on supporting DA with any subscriptions, either with my own money or anyone else. Please don't waste your money, especially since I have already spent money of my own to set up my own website.

In other news, I'll get to answering comments on my latest piece after I finish cooking pasta in the kitchen. Pasta was the reason why I became the king of the kitchen last week.

edit: It appears that :iconedgpatterson: was the one who bought me a sub. He hasn't spoken to me about it, perhaps it was a mistaken DA sub sent to me?
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So, I've come across a journal by RealitySquared…

I usually would not point out specific people in my journal but because of the nature of his journal and how he would intentionally misrepresent and deliberately take subjects out of context, I believe this journal is necessary.

To be honest, as a moderator who claims to enjoy photographic art, he does have an unusual obsession for toon fanart and constantly voices his views about how most of the artists are pedophiles. It does strike me as convenient on how this journal was created preceding :iconcallmepo:'s journal about the deletion in just a few hours. It just heavily implies the need to make a journal to justify the actions he did concerning the deletions of fanart.

He has a certain style when writing his journals, which in a style of certain British tabloids I have seen, contains very little factual news and/or evidence. The style in which he writes his journal usually contains catchphrases or words such as "pornography" or "child nudity" in order to discredit the opposing arguments that says otherwise. In fact, once you have peeled away the surface of his journal of all of the apparent impudency there is actually very little reference to the policy or how it is being fairly asserted by his moderating technique. What you will find however is a very long essay being used to stereotype and caricaturize these artists into social outcasts in order to poorly validate his unusually biased action against them. It makes me uncomfortable that a moderator would describe himself as a 'tyrant' on his front page as if it is something to be proud of, instead of having something more appropriate like 'thoughtful and reasonable'.

To be fair, there are some artists on DA whom I have seen art that have very blatantly broken the DA terms and conditions, for example, drawing KP nude. However it's excessively unprofessional, as a moderator to carelessly group other legitimate artists into the same group. It's the same logic that guides the argument that all video games turn children into violent adults.

He often cites the word 'loopholes' that apparently everyone seems to find in his set of policies. It stems from the fact that the policy in it's own right was deliberately constructed with vagueness and grey areas at hand in order to allow the moderating body in itself to be flexible when they delete material.
An example that can be cited in the policy is 'underaged nudity'. It's common understanding that nudity means the complete exposure of sexual organs, such as the complete exposure of breasts or genitals. However, what many do not notice is how this policy mysteriously encompasses bikinis and short skirts. While the idea of bikinis counting as nudity sounds ludicrous, he would often delete images containing toon characters wearing them while on the other hand, allowing artists such as :iconbleedman:'s panty shots of the Power Puff Girls to remain in his gallery. Bleedman's popularity makes it inexcusable to say that they had not noticed these pics before.

He mentioned that artists would "slap nipples the size of coffee cups on her bare breasts give her an oversized fat ass" in order to modify a character to be an adult, which in his opinion does not subscribe to the policy. However, in the actual policy itself, it is allowed, when the character is sufficiently modified enough. How else can one modify a character to be an adult if they are not allowed to change the body proportions. The natural development of a woman when she is turning into an adult is always a change in bodily proportions, the breast size grows and the hips grow wider. If he has somehow unaware of this, he might need to review his stance.
However, even with these changes, RealitySquared is still convinced that these aged-up pictures will still attract the attention of potential pedophiles as implied in his journal. I fail to see the logic in this view. I highly doubt a real pedophile will come across a picture of an aged adult Kim Possible and go "Oh dang, she's been aged to be an adult. No matter, I'll IMAGINE her underaged and masturbate to the idea that she USED to be a minor."

His journal missed certain discrepancies on why he allows :iconfierymonk:'s picture of Katara in a Hooter's outfit (…) to remain up. Katara has always been depicted underaged in the show Avatar anyway and has never been depicted to chronologically grow up throughout the series. So why is Fierymonk made an exception to be allowed to age her up?
If she is not aged in the pic, then the pic needs to be deleted because having her in a Hooters outfit and working at Hooters places her in a sexually questionable situation, and dictated by RealitySquared's own policy, should be removed.
Why should Fierymonk be given the merit to age up Katara just because he's the director of the show? Like RealitySquared says, "One epilogue chapter of a character being eighteen is not going to rule out 557 chapters of them being an unchanging fifteen.". He needs to follow that rule and realize that one measely picture of her apparently depicted as an adult does not ignore the fact that in the Entire Avatar series, she is a minor.

So now we have come to the conclusion that (according to RealitySquared's logic) Giancarlo Volpe aka. Fierymonk, the director of Avatar, is a pedophile. In fact, the Avatar comic con that was organized by the Avatar staff this year, featured fanart of the Avatar characters in graphic sexual positions and scenes. All of which were ironically sourced from DA itself and shown to young teenagers and children at the comic con:…

Avatar Staff, are pedophiles for promoting sexually suggestive fanart from DA? Does it justify the art staying on DA just because the creative staff endorse it? No. They are still underage as the policy clearly states, and it clearly is against policy. Why has RealitySquared not taken action against them?

Speaking of pedophiles, RealitySquared seems to go out of his way to express how he believes that all fanart drawn which shows a hint of being sexy at all, is proof that the intention of the artist is to create child cartoon porn. Which one deviant has responded with "I found that to be very insulting to my moral character" (…)
The very phrase "Erotica Sourced from Children's Entertainment" is one coined by only RealitySquared himself. Which ignores the fact that Kim Possible, while aimed at older teenagers, attracted adult audiences instead, and in a much larger number, which the creators of the show were surprised to find out. I can cite the evidence for this, but it has been buried in under many layers of threads in the forums.

RealitySquared also fails to explain how robots can somehow be tagged as 'underaged' and deleted. If anyone is familiar with the show 'My Life as a Teenage Robot' the word 'teenage' is a misnomer as robots don't enter a stage of biological puberty and thus, can never truly become a teenager. The fact that the robot Jenny from the show is only slightly less than a year old according to manufacturing age, only adds to the misnomer that she can not possibly be a true teenager by designation of her age alone either. If RealitySquared is willing to argue that she is only 1 year of age which accounts for her being underaged, then he must honor that argument by deleting any pictures of vehicles and machines that are deemed under 18 years of manufacturing age, ie. the ones that are not rusting and falling apart.

Realitysquared however displays a lack of understanding and knowledge on the pictures of the cartoons he was put in charge of moderating. Yes, he actually does not know anything about Kim Possible as a show and he was put in charge of moderating that genre of fanart anyway. This is apparent when he deleted :iconcallmepo:'s picture of Mrs. Possible repeatedly, citing that she was underage. I doubt he realized that Mrs. Possible is Kim Possible's MOTHER and technically cannot be underage, no matter how much you argue around it.

I am slightly at ease that the comments on his journal are not the usual comments of agreeing with his bizarre reasoning to defend his moderating actions. In fact, not a lot of Deviants agree with the current direction he is taking. At the same time I'm bordering on the possibility that RealitySquared has been becoming increasingly and irrationally paranoid that people are somehow intentionally looking for ways to circumvent the policy and make a mockery out of DA. Although there is no way I can assure him that this is untrue, all I can do is write a journal in hopes that others will come forward with their ideas.

*I will be continuing editing this wall of text when time goes along to cover all the issues at hand if not covered already.


I've had another image removed from my gallery today, no doubt RealitySquared or one of his goons have noticed this journal and/or my comments on his. It's no coincidence really, that it's removal coincides with my choice to participate in the discussion about the validity of his moderation techniques. I am sure RealitySquared would have taken the time to have actually reviewed my gallery for that one pic years ago when I had problems understanding the policy in the first place and asked for moderatory assistance. Leaving that picture alone after performing a 'clean sweep' of my gallery was an indication that it didn't violate policy beforehand, but because I've had disagreed with his opinions in his journal this week, he had decided to change his mind and remove it.

I have to make it clear to him or his pre-teen vigilante posse (usually teenagers between the ages of 12-17 who don't grasp the fact that this issue isn't as simple as it seems) that their methods of intimidation isn't going to silence other deviants from the fact that the enforcement of DA policy has been biased and inconsistent.

They are free to vandalize my gallery as they see fit because I had been weaning off uploading my art on Deviantart and began building my gallery at Blogspot and Pixiv for some time now, which actually have policies that are more consistently enforced and accommodate more reasonable and objectified ethics. I have also recently been offered a free server to host my own site by another kind soul. Which is why I have been uploading utter rubbish in my gallery as of recent and writing in my journal much more often.

RealityImpaired can sit happy knowing he can prevent me from posting art that does not conform to his biased views, even when they do adhere to the DA policy perfectly by not even depicting nudity, sexual acts or bodily fluids. However, he can froth in his mouth all he wants because I will still be posting in my journal here for a very, very long time to constantly be a proverbial pain in the ass and question his moderating actions and to allow my moderately sized viewer-base to read for their amusement.


The work(s) listed below have been removed by staff as a violation of the deviantART copyright policy. Your deviantART submissions must consist entirely of your own work or valid stock resources and must not include works from copyrighted sources.

Please read our Copyright Policy and if you have any questions or believe this removal to be an error please contact the deviantART Help Desk

Title: Wonderful world of DA
URL: [link]
Submitted: 2008-09-24 5:28:48 pm

Awww what's wrong DA? Butthurt much?

Now if only they acted this fast in removing actual art-theft and copyright violations that are rampant on this site. Go ahead, type in 'screencap' into the search field and you can delete all you want.


I got another note just now:

Your deviation Wonderful world of DA was reported for Art theft or No Permission. The report was reviewed by a member of the Staff and action was taken, deleting the deviation and marking the report as Resolved. Additionally, the following comment was provided:

Closed after deviation deletion.

This message was generated automatically.

-- deviantART Staff

Make up your mind, is it copyright infringement or is it art-theft? Or would you like me to pick one for you?
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The good:
*I'm back in Malaysia for my holiday.
*I received my KP figurine.
*I've completed my first proper commission for Hasukawa13. Thanks! :)
*I caught a mouse roaming my house, and threw it far away from my house. My mom was pleased.

The bad:
*The mouse bit me.
*The horrid state my country is in, it's like leaving your bedroom only to come back after a long time to realize that your cat has defecated all over it.
*Mentally challenged homunculus commenting blog.
*Someone else wanting to commission me out of pity that I'm not getting commissions rather than actually wanting a commission for the art.

The ugly:
*Malaysian postal service does it again. Thanks for manhandling the package until my KP figurine arrived in pieces. How could you screw up something so simple? Hold a package safely until it gets to it's destination? What did you do to it on the plane? Did you sit on it or something? It's not a freaking chair!


Let's start with my blog.

Some people really lack common sense. Logic is something of a mystery to them. Some person by the name of Rashid, posted a comment on my blog:

"KP and Shego are kinda attractive for cartoon characters, but when you're drawing them posing half-naked and looking all wet and horny, it just mindfucks the hell out of me, because you're basically raping one of the best cartoons I've ever watched."

"Wouldn't it be better if you drew them appropriately in their natural setting instead of drawing Kim and Shego molesting each other?" "you can actually put them in your portfolio and show them to actual, normal people instead of basement dwellers on the Internet." (wohoo he called you all, my watchers, reading my journal, basement dwellers)

Let me get this straight. Where did I draw a pic of Kim and Shego being all wet and horny and molesting each other? I think he's mistaken me for someone else. The only pic I recalled was done years ago with Kim and Shego affectionately holding each other, it's not even on my gallery anymore and I doubt he's been a long time watcher of my art to have ever seen it. Stuck and Steamed isn't even up to anything yet, it just has Kim and Shego fighting, so it can't be that either.

What bothers me the most is that I have gone through great lengths to conceal my blog address on DA. So, either he might have stumbled on it be accident (which is highly unlikely) or that he has gone through great lengths himself to search for it. Why bother going to my personal gallery and telling me what I am doing to 'rape' your inner child when I have made a perfectly acceptable DA site where you can indulge all the toddler-safe artwork you can enjoy?

It's like you drop by my house where I welcome you to visit and then you desperately look for a hidden door to my basement and then complain about how the furniture in there offends you while I have a perfectly presentable living room upstairs for you to wander around in.

Then again as I'm typing this, pointing out this anencephaly-suffering-homunculus is like playing basketball with a retarded child and calling him out for double dribble. So like Chris Rock, I'm going to let some shit slide.

Next note,
I was about to rant about how Malaysia is doing, but after describing that comment made by a Malaysian on my blog, you get the idea about how my country is run. Without logic.


I have been considering abandoning DA, because the restrictions and the constant trolling have dented the motivation to draw. Some people just don't get it, they say "draw to please yourself, not other people". Which makes no sense because the reason one draws, is to obviously show it to other people. Why would I draw something on paper to marvel at it, when I can just sit by myself, daydreaming about what the picture looks like.

Art's being stolen and nothing is being done about it, only selected people are being targeted and having art deleted, while others are left alone. People who have accounts with no art in their galleries reporting images and mods listening to them. Why listen to them? They don't even contribute art to DA.

SFToon's still gone MIA, perhaps the most important and only reason why I'm hanging around.

It'll be unfair to other people who actually do visit my gallery if I just disappear. Just letting everyone know what are the thoughts in my head. DA is a shell of it's former self, there's just too many kids roaming around thinking this place is a myspace gallery or facebook or 4chan.

It's not some ploy saying I'm leaving DA *waah*. Because the truth of the matter is, it's not worth the effort trying to maintain a gallery on a site where the trolls, kids, retards and mods alike already have pre-determined agendas to grief your gallery and who lack the mental capacity to decide that wearing a bikini is not equal to porn.

What artistic license do we have? I have found the logic of "we decide how old the characters are" policy ridiculous. It's as if no matter what I draw, they will come across with some stupid reason and say "she's underage" and take it down. They don't even bother to check up their facts, like when they took down a pic of CallMePo's Mrs. Possible, stating she was underage. Mrs.Possible is a mother of 3 children. Where does the logic fit in here that she's underage?
   They claim to give leeway that if we draw them looking different, and older, they will accept an older version of them. How do you make them look older? We could try drawing toons taller with a bigger bust, a different hairstyle or something, but that's the limit on how we can draw them older. Unless they want us to draw a 70 year old version of them.  
   14-Bis has so many pics remove he can't even count, and they're all clothed. But they were judged and removed just because of the way they stand or pose. Why is Jenny removed? She's a robot, robots don't age. If DA can't distinguish toons from reality and insists we follow reality and not draw your defined 'underaged' characters which obviously are not, because they are already well established to be over 18, then you'll need to practice what you preach and follow the laws of physics, that robots don't freaking age.

It's like telling us "Hey, you're allowed to ride bikes on the road, but we're not allowing you to have brakes or handles. Oh, and if you hit a car or anything, we're taking your bike away."

This also has an impact on the toon fanartists too. What incentive do I have to hang around on DA when all of the artists I watch are too scared or are too disenheartened to post anything? There is literally nothing to see on DA anymore except photos or random anime.

It's not worth having to put up with hooligans when the police are in on it too. Just move to a new neighborhood.
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Hello peeps. It's been a while. I've finished my perioperative training a few weeks ago and now I'm working in-block for my psychiatry training.

I've just finished watching The Iron Giant DVD (1999). I have to say that it's an excellent piece of animation gold. It's equally amazing storyline is as spectacular as it's animation. It has a unique and an un-intrusive moral story to be held. I hate stories with very obvious moral stories that makes the viewer feels patronized. This movie presents it differently, it tells us about how a robot learns, with his childly capacity to comprehend death, and to the older viewers, how humanity is a danger to itself.

The story takes place during the mid 1950-1960's during the Cold War, where we were strangled in fear and paranoia. The Iron Giant crashes and has his memory erased due to a large bump on his head. With the help of Hogarth, he is taught the meaning of life, art, and the human soul. To cut the story short, because of the humans' fear of this robot the army launches a missile against it, which unfortunately is located in the middle of a populated town.

The Iron Giant, realizes the danger it poses to the small community, and offers himself to save the town. He flies up to the missile in the sky, and destroys it and himself. After many years later, a monument was erected in the town center, in memory of the strange Iron Giant who saved them from certain death from a careless army, paradoxically responsible for defending them.

In hindsight, this movie was an incredible feat of quality animation. It's a shame and an insult even that Warner Bros. did now realize what GOLD they had in their hands and played down the promotion of this movie to the point where they were the sole reason why this movie was such a financial failure upon it's release. It unfortunately only earned $5,732,614 in it's opening weekend and a total of $23,159,305.

It is mind boggling how other companies like Disney, virally advertise their shows like 'High School Musical' which is so useless and pointless, into what some call a successful opening. It's all fine to me, except their target audience is children and young teens. I felt that the show stole one and a half hours of my life, which I could have used more productively, like putting my testicles in a microwave.
In stark contrast to The Iron Giant, even though produced by Warner co. was hidden from the general public like a malformed bastard child.

I don't understand the mentality of major companies to hide 2D animation. These days they feel that 3D animation is the way to go, and that 2D is somehow an old tumor that needs to be stamped out. Given that I have enjoyed The Incredibles immensely, a list of 3D and more 3D animation being forced through the cinemas, really gets on my nerves after a while. It feels like they are getting lazy. I also suspect that they are forcing non-2D animation down our throats, either that or the public has a very ignorant view that 'cartoons are just for kids'. Then again, the public has a questionable IQ to begin with. This applies heavily to Deviantart as well.

I highly recommend this movie for any 2D animation fans out there. It has far superior storytelling than any animated film I had seen in the last few years. Tell your family or your friends to see it, tell your friends' friends to see it. This movie is a 10/10 score for me, and I never really take the time to make reviews as long as this unless I am thoroughly impressed.

For some of you that had the patience to read through my wall of text, I thank you.

For those who did not have the patience; Annie Hughes was HOT.

Hospital changes

Wed Apr 30, 2008, 3:03 PM
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Hello all,

In case anybody was wondering, I haven't been updating much because I've been moved to Peterborough District Hospital for my perioperative care rotations which will last about 6 weeks.

The bad news is that this place is completely devoid of internet connection and I have no scanner here. Right now, I've stolen a friend's mobile broadband receiver and it's terribly slow. I will be going back to Leicester on weekends and I will scan in anything I would have drawn (if I have the time), and I have brought my drawing pad whenever I travel.

The good news is, the surgical ward I've been assigned to is populated with very attractive nurses. Not having internet doesn't seem so bad anymore.

I know some people have mentioned I am hard to contact on DA and so fourth. I don't even answer a lot of comments on my deviations. I apologize, often I can find the energy to answer probably 5 comments on the first 10 minutes my deviations are up, but when I wake up th next day and find about 40 or 50 comments to answer I eventually lose the will to live. However, I do read every comment that comes by.

I do have the temptation to answer random comments whenever I feel like it, but some people have complained that I may be favoring certain people to answer comments, so to be fair I'll just answer all, or none at all. Oh, and also I have to apologize for not answering notes sometimes, because I open to read them I then forget about them because I get distracted by other things, like a dancing monkey.

I miss SFToon's work. Perhaps he is enjoying his new bike so much he's not drawing at the moment, or that there's just so many trolls that he finally decided that this place isn't worth having his art posted here. Which is a shame because he is so godly at doing what he does.

Anyway, I'm off to sleep. I hope to see you all soon on the weekend when I ride back.

I am drawing porn

Sat Apr 19, 2008, 12:26 PM
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Your deviation I totally hate Rufus was reported for ' Prohibited Content'. The report was reviewed by a member of the Staff and action was taken, marking the report as 'Invalid'. Please click here for more information.

This message was generated automatically.

-- deviantART Staff

I find this a very nice victory in the face of morons who like to simply report random things because they like to grief other people. It's either one of 2 things:

* They are counting on the DA staff to be retarded and remove the image, even when nothing is even implied, because they enjoy trolling. Please if you are reading this, find something more productive to do with your time, like doing self orchidectomy.


* They have serious issues about seeing porn in everything. Perhaps they need to go for counselling, because seriously.... If you see porn in everything, maybe its YOU that's the pervert.

Thank you DA, for being reasonable for once.

In other news... Ember is rocking my world....

April Fools

Tue Apr 1, 2008, 2:53 AM
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DA tries too hard to be funny, and ends up being really lame...

My turn to have some ban-fun

Mon Mar 24, 2008, 6:16 AM
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On this special Easter occasion, the mod has seen that my case as a very unique one.

With increasing trolls, I'll post my more lucrative works in my blog. If you can find it.

The moderator was nice enough to advise me on how to deal with trolls with a ban feature that I never knew existed. Now it's my turn to put the ban-hammers on you nay-sayers. If you don't like my work and prefer instead to insidiously hide behind your report buttons instead of coming to talk to me about it, then allow me to help you by banning you from visiting my gallery ever again. I know who you are.

Now off to buy a coat and some slippers.


Tue Dec 4, 2007, 10:22 AM
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The administrator who deleted your 1 deviation added the following:

Underage character -
Because you have to be 18 to be gay? :o

The work(s) listed below have been removed by staff due to a violation of deviantART policy or because its theme or content was judged unacceptable. Your deviantART submissions must obey certain guidelines and restrictions.

If you are uncertain why the submission was removed or if you have any questions or believe this removal to be an error please contact the deviantART Help Desk.

Title: Now play nice...
URL: [link]
Submitted: 2006-02-22 7:51:23 am

Another one bites the dust. Gallery's shrinking slowly though. I can't exactly remember which pic it was, because it was done a long time ago, but if I remember correctly, it was a kigo pic somewhat.

I'll look to see if I have another copy of it on my hard drive. I doubt I have it because it was done so long ago. Anyway, it'll be on my other gallery if anyone is interested.

Why some people go on DA and actively search for 'Kim Possible' in the search button for the sole purpose of finding these pics to delete confounds me. :o

Gallery Status...

Mon Nov 26, 2007, 4:26 AM
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Just as I expected, when I checked back in I found that the mods had visited my gallery.

They deleted 2 pics.

What was unexpected was that they deleted 2 pics called:

'Educatin' Rufus' and 'Michael Eisner gets owned' were deleted under a copyright policy and leaving the rest of the gallery virtually untouched. Very strange to think of Eisner's face being copyrighted :O

Anyway, since the mods have looked through my gallery and decided to leave the cream one up, I'll also leave it up.

If I make more stuff like this, I have an art blog that nobody really knows about. I rarely go there myself because I like to keep my art all in one place, but seeing how my art is I decided to draw the line and split my gallery into 2. You know what the other one is for. :)

Take care.